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A Message from Dr. Leonard Saunders:

           "Evangelist Dr. Arv Edgeworth’s Ministry of Creation Evangelism began back in January of 1997.  The Lord has blessed and used Brother Edgeworth in local churches all around the country now for 12 years.  He has a burden for the work, a heart for the local church, and a desire to see folks saved.          

           As the pastor of Arv’s sending church, I would like to encourage you to have him present his ministry at your church.  I’ve seen other presentations, and from my heart I believe his is the best.  He is insightful, interesting, comprehensive and accurate in his presentations.  It is my privilege to recommend to you Truth and Science Ministries under the direction of Evangelist Dr. Arv Edgeworth."   

Dr. Leonard Saunders, Trinity Baptist Church, Flushing, MI.


Dr. Keith Gomez, pastor of Northwest Bible Baptist Church, Elgin, IL

   “I would like to recommend Bro. Arv Edgeworth to your local New Testament Baptist Church.  He is a local church evangelist and has served the Lord faithfully at his own church through the years.  Bro. Edgeworth does a tremendous presentation on the Biblical account of Creation.  He also has a tremendous amount of satire and sarcasm for the evolutionist crowd, which is done in a very humorous way.  He was a great blessing to our people and I am sure he will be to yours.”



Pastor T. Michael Creed, pastor of Independent Baptist Church, Clinton, MD

      "If you are looking for someone to be a blessing to your church concerning Biblical creation, I would like to recommend Bro. Arv Edgeworth.  He was in Independent Baptist Church recently and was a tremendous blessing and encouragement to our people as he taught creation from a Biblical perspective.  His presentation is wonderful: I highly recommend him.  We will definitely have him back again, and look forward to his future encouragement to our people in the area of Biblical creationism."


Pastor Raymond Wicks, pastor of First Baptist Church, Plattsmouth, NE

   “As a pastor I especially appreciated Arv’s stand on the KJB and his emphasis on soul-winning.  It was great to see many folks trust Jesus Christ as their savior in the Sunday morning service.  I would recommend other pastors to consider having Arv come to speak in their churches as well."


Dr. Terry Anglea, pastor of Faith Baptist Church, Bourbonnais, IL

   "We recently hosted Brother Arv Edgeworth at a Truth and Science Conference in our church.  I was pleased with the material on creation and even more so with the material he shared about other important subjects of our day.  Brother Edgeworth covered the topics of cults, the King James Bible, Baptist History, and satanic deception in this day and age through UFOs and other matters.  His series on the Seven Subtleties of Satan was very interesting.  The people of our church enjoyed it, and many of them bought material for future reference.

   I believe Brother Edgeworth's material will be a blessing and a help to your people of any age.  His presentation is clear and done with some dry humor and wry sarcasm."