Truth and Science Ministries

In Search of the Truth

Here is a list of other Creation Organizations that I would recommend:

Institute for Creation Research
1806 Royal Lane
Dallas, TX 75229
(800) 337-0375
Dr. Walt Brown                  
Center for Scientific Creation
5612 North 20th Place
Phoenix, AZ  85016
(602) 955-7663
Paul Abramson                   
P.O. Box 13327                        
Berkeley, CA  94712
See also:                             

Evolution 101 – a 30 lesson course

(Could be used as bulletin inserts)

by the late Dr. Jolly F. Griggs of Ventura College


Dr. Jobe Martin              



Mike Riddle


Thomas F. Heinze                                            

His book:  How Life Began

Can be ordered through:                      

Chick Publications               info on future books in series:

P.O. Box 3500

Ontario, CA 91761-1100 USA

(909) 987-0771