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About Our Director

Dr. Arv Edgeworth and his wife Marti.

Many years ago, Dr. Arv Edgeworth was asked to head up a Six-Step Problem Solving team for the General Motors Corporation.  As part of his training he was taught in the proper use of the Scientific Method.  His team had a 100% success rate.  His love of science grew.  He then began collecting science textbooks, collecting over 150 of them.  He also collected, about 80 other books about science.  He began to be very burdened over the Creation vs Evolution issue.  In January of 1997, God called him into Creation Evangelism.

Dr. Edgeworth has given over 450 seminars on the Creation vs Evolution issue in churches and schools in 27 different states.  He now sends newsletters to thousands of scientists, science teachers, pastors, churches, and many others.

Please contact him if you have any questions: 

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