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Witnessing to the Cults


Jehovah's Witnesses

PRINCIPLE #1:     

Recognize that the real problem when witnessing to a JW is the question of religious authority.

To a witness, the Bible as interpreted by the Watchtower has authority, and he is trained not to trust himself or others to interpret the Bible. Even if you manage to give a Witness arguments he cannot answer, he will just contact the Watchtower and they will give him answers.

PRINCIPLE #2:     

To destroy a Witness’ blind obedience to the Watchtower, you must demonstrate that the Watchtower is not reliable. You must prove that the Watchtower is not “God’s visible organization on earth.”

(Otherwise, a Witness cannot place his confidence in the Word of God alone.)

PRINCIPLE #3:     

The most efficient way of destroying a Witness’ blind allegiance to the Watchtower is to show from Scripture and official Watchtower literature that the Watchtower is a false prophet. Since it is a false prophet, it is unreliable and unworthy of trust or respect.

(Throughout your discussion with a Witness, always place him on your side and stress that the Watchtower is trying to deceive both of you. It is “we” against “them.”)

Step 1:

Establish from Scripture that a true prophet of God will always be infallible in his prophecies (Deut.18:20-22; Matt.7:15-20). The Watchtower has claimed to be God’s inspired prophet who gives prophecies under angelic direction and speaks in Jehovah’s name (The Watchtower, April 1, 1972, p. 197).

Step 2:                      

Demonstrate that in 100 years of giving prophecies the Watchtower has had a 100% failure rate.

Step 3:                      

According to Deuteronomy 18 and Matthew 7, the Watchtower is a false prophet and does not speak in God’s name. As such, the Scriptures command us not to fear, respect, believe or trust what the Watchtower says. Don’t be deceived. “Mistakes” are not the same as “false prophecies.” We all make mistakes, but the Society claimed to predict dates on God’s authority as a Prophet.

Step 4:                      

Just as the Watchtower has been false in its prophecies, it is also false in its doctrines.


Do not argue doctrine or argue over biblical passages until you have caused the Witness to recognize and to acknowledge that the Watchtower is a false prophet.

PRINCIPLE #5      

After instilling doubt about Watchtower authority, share your salvation testimony, point out specific verses on salvation, or leave them with a gospel tract.


  1. Get to know your Bible.

  2. Be patient with them and expect God to work.

  3. Familiarize yourself with their teachings.

       (But not from their literature)

   4. Establish the authority of Scripture.

   5. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s power.

       (For you - the power and wisdom to witness)

       (For them - His convicting power)

    6. Never be offensive or argumentative.

    7. Share your testimony with them along with the gospel.

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