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The Scientific Method


1. Observation.

We start out by making an observation.

2. Questions.

What is it that we want to know about our observations?

3. Hypothesis.

We think of all the possible answers to our questions.  These trial answers for our questions are our hypotheses.

4. Predictions.

We ask: "If my hypoyhesis is true, what should happen when I do this?"  

5. Test

We think of ways to test our hypotheses to see if they might be true.  Our testing involves ways to prove our hypotheses wrong.  This is called the "method of falsification."  We never look for evidence to support our hypothesis.

6. Analyze.

Now we examine the data from our testing.  

7. Conclusions.

Did my hypothesis hold up under testing to prove it wrong?  Are there further tests that need to be made?  Are the results satisfactory enough to consider this a viable theory?  Always keep in mind, even a theory is never beyond testing.

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