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The X-Ray Approach to Soul-Winning

This approach was developed many years ago by C.S. Lovett, the founder of PERSONAL CHRISTIANITY.   On November 18, 2012, Dr. Lovett “graduated to glory.”  Please see the website dedicated to him:

3 questions that will allow you to x-ray a person’s heart:


1. “Are you interested in spiritual things?”

You can ask this question anywhere, at any time, and people won’t be offended.  Regardless of their answer, move on to the next question.  No matter what their answer is, you have learned something about them spiritually.

2. “Have you ever thought about becoming a Christian?”

They will usually answer: “Yes,” “No,” or “I think I am a Christian.”  Move on to the next question.

3. “If __________ told you someone you know just became a Christian, and asked you: ‘What is a Christian anyway?’  How would you answer them?”

Always use a third person for the third question.  You can use a child, co-worker, neighbor, whatever fits.  But by using a third party, it won’t just be your idea of a Christian, compared to theirs’.

If they are not saved, they will usually list things for you that a Christian does, but not what a Christian is.  Ex: “Goes to church, reads his Bible, etc.”  Point out to them these are good things that every Christian should do, but they are just things a Christian does, not is.  “Could someone do those things, but not be a Christian?”  After giving them a couple attempts, move on to your favorite lead-in question.

Say something like: “I guess the most important thing is, are you 100% sure you are going to heaven when you die?”  Because of what you learned about them from the first 3 questions, you will have a better idea on how to proceed.

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